Can't you just taste the deliciousness?!!

At this point in the year, I’m looking for great ways to use the large quantities of delicious veggies I have in the kitchen. Last weekend, I found a fabulous recipe for Farmland Vegetable Pie at Epicurious. This has long been one of my favorite online recipe sources. Most of the time the reviews are helpful and serve to suggest ways to make the recipe better. Some recipes are definitely geared toward excess, and others towards moderation and health. So taking a little care when choosing will benefit your health goals – while still giving you great ideas!

But let me tell you about this pie! It was absolutely fantastic … no really, fantastic! I got to use about five ingredients from local farms. And it’s so vegetable-oriented – not focused on gobs of cheese sauce like many vegetarian recipes. The crust is like having a thin, savory slice of cornbread with every bite. The grated cheese & hard-boiled eggs (no sauce ingredients!) adds just enough protein to be hearty without overdoing the saturated fats. And they are saturated fats, so use caution or make substitutions if you watch your cholesterol.

The first night we had just the pie and bit of salad for dinner. And we were stuffed. Another night we had a smaller slice of the veggie pie as a side dish. And it also served as several lunches. After 4 days the crust was still crispy and the filling got more flavorful as it went along.

This would make a great dish for a party or a pack-your-own lunch day!