I recently was giving a talk at a local company about health & wellness topics. In the process of our fun discussions, one of the attendees mentioned that he’d recently tried brownies made with black beans instead of white flour. In the same breath, he also said they were surprisingly delicious.

So as a curious Health Coach, I thought there would be some major upsides to finding a good recipe for Black Bean Brownies. First, many different nutritional approaches agree on the potential health dangers of overdoing white flour and white sugar. Any chance to reduce those ingredients (with delicious results) is a plus by me.

Next I looked at 10-15 recipes (thank you search engines!), and found one that also eliminated white sugar. Might as well go for the healthier options out there … right? In this recipe, the white or brown refined sugars are replaced by agave nectar. According to some sources, agave nectar has advantages – including less processing which makes it more natural and more appropriate for kids. (But be aware there are dissenting opinions too!) And please understand that this recipe not a low-calorie alternative – plenty of butter is included along with the agave and beans, etc.

Baking with agave takes a little knowledge, but thankfully this recipe makes it easy. Perhaps because of the agave, the brownie texture is very fudgy. If you like a more cake-like texture, these may not be for you. And they are more solid after cooling completely, or even a few hours of refrigeration.

I also decided to see if my family figured out that these were a healthier brownie alternative … so I kept the details a secret. So far, no one has guessed! And we all like the taste and texture.

Here’s the recipe! Try it and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Amazing Black Bean Brownies