” … She helped me to … focus on my food and lifestyle choices …”

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I just received a terrific testimonial from a client, and wanted to share with you all. I am so honored to help people reach their health and wellness goals!

“I recently worked with Barbara to learn more about nutrition and digestion. The biggest thing she helped with was slowing down my life so that I can take the time to focus on my food and lifestyle choices.

I spend my career helping other people, so having a health coach allowed me to put aside regular times to talk about and take care of my body.

I also really appreciated all of the resources Barbara shared with me. The information and referrals are helping now and will do so in the future too.”

– Kara B., Lancaster

If you’d like to read other testimonials from my clients, please visit the Testimonial category. And if you think this type of health coaching would help you, I offer a complimentary initial consultation. Let’s talk!

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Overcoming the Trauma of Canned Beets!

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I was traumatized as a child … by the taste of canned beets! Metal and food tastes should never mix. I know I’m not alone because I met several people Thursday who had similar experiences. How do we overcome this trauma? Fresh beets!!

The raw beet salad below is a fantastic example of how to use fresh beets. My friends Patrick and Lori from Natural Alliance introduced me to this recipe, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Part of what I love is the flavor combination – ginger, garlic, and lemon are the perfect balance to the sweetness of the beets, carrots and apples.

Yesterday I took the salad to a local company’s Wellness Fair. And I’m happy to report that a lot of folks were beet converts! So give it a try yourself and let me know what you think!!

Red Cabbage, Beet, Carrot and Apple Raw Salad

2 cups shredded red cabbage
2 medium beets, peeled and shredded
5 medium carrots, shredded
1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled, shredded


Juice of one lemon
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil (you may need to add more)
¾” inch peeled ginger root, finely minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Combine all shredded ingredients together.  Mix dressing ingredients together and pour over shredded mixture.

Allow to stand for a few hours prior to serving.

Ready to get started feeling less pain and more energy?!?? The best way to determine what program is right for you is scheduling a FREE 45-minute initial health and wellness consultation. Simply call or email me today to get started!

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May Recipe Idea: Spring Sprouting Steamer

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SproutsI’ve been growing my own sprouts this year for the first time! It’s so fun and easy – no soil required. This recipe calls for a package of purchased sprouts, but you could just as easily grow your own in a just a few days time.

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 4 servings


1 zucchini
1 summer squash
1 package mixed crunchy sprouts (lentil, adzuki, mung, garbanzo)
3 tablespoons of freshly chopped tarragon
1 tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter) or butter
4 lemon wedges
salt to taste


1. Slice zucchini and summer squash in discs about 1/4 inch thick. Steam with sprouts for about 5 minutes or until desired tenderness.

2. Toss with tarragon, ghee and salt in bowl.

3. Serve with lemon wedge.

Note: Try fresh herbs like parsley, dill, cilantro or mint for a totally different taste.

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Breaking through the Sugar Blues: Natural Sweetener Options

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Who among us doesn’t love sweets? The sweet flavor releases serotonin in our brains, the chemical responsible for our sense of well-being and contentment. The average American consumes well over 20 teaspoons of added sugar on a daily basis, which adds up to an average of 142 pounds of sugar per person per year! That’s more than two times what the USDA recommends and is proof of sugar’s addictive nature.

But when it comes to sweeteners, not all are created equal. There are side effects and health risks from refined sweeteners like white table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, and from artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet, saccharin and Splenda.

Since refined sweeteners have been stripped of vitamins, minerals and fiber, they can spike blood sugar, which can often lead to cravings and mood and energy fluctuations.

Instead, using naturally and minimally processed sweeteners can reduce cravings for sugary things. Natural sweeteners, all of which are gentler than the refined white stuff, are easier on the body’s blood sugar and available in most supermarkets and health food stores.

Please note that these sugar alternatives are great transition foods, but are not meant to be consumed in mass quantities. Even natural sweeteners are, for the most part, processed foods. The best way to alleviate sugar consumption is to add more sweetness to your life!

Sweetener alternatives

Raw Honey

Everyone seems to love honey, one of the oldest natural sweeteners on the market. Honey will have a different flavor depending on the plant source. Some are very dark and intensely flavored. Wherever possible, choose raw honey, as it is unrefined and contains small amounts of enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is a natural liquid sweetener made from the juice of the agave cactus. Agave is made through the extraction and purification of the juice of the agave cactus. It is 1.4 times sweeter than refined sugar, but does not create a sugar rush, and is much less disturbing to the body’s blood sugar levels than white sugar. It has a delightfully light and mild flavor. (However, agave is high in fructose, higher than that of high-fructose corn syrup, and some research suggests that fructose does not shut off appetite hormones, and may decrease glucose tolerance, so you may end up overeating.)

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is the concentrated extract of the sap of maple trees. It adds a rich, deep flavor to foods and drinks. Make sure to look for 100% pure maple syrup, not maple-flavored corn syrup. As with all sweeteners, organic varieties are best.


This leafy herb has been used for centuries by native South Americans. The extract from stevia is 100 to 300 times sweeter than white sugar. It can be used in cooking, baking and beverages, does not affect blood sugar levels and has zero calories. Stevia is available in a powder or liquid form, but be sure to get the green or brown liquids or powders, because the white and clear versions are highly refined.

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Getting the Most from Exercise

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I wasn’t the kind of kid who played organized sports or even kickball in the street. I did take some dance classes, but at the time no one thought of them as exercise. Plus I was oh-so-uncoordinated … Of course I took phys ed class at school but I would have just as soon gone to the library. I never took pleasure in physical activity.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I discovered exercise as a feel good activity. I learned that it wasn’t all about building muscle, although that was a lovely side effect. My office was in the same building as a small gym, and it was free to belong. My girlfriends went up to the gym on their lunch hour, and I thought I’d try it too. I started to think about burning calories and “getting in shape.” I also discovered that it made me feel energetic and even happy!

Since then, I have done a lot of different things to gain all of these benefits – lifted weights, used cardio machines, taken yoga and water exercise classes, walked sidewalks and nature trails, and even bicycled a few miles. Now I can’t imagine my life without some sweaty, heavy-breathing, heart-pounding exercise every week. Whenever possible, I integrate exercise into my travel schedule as well. One of the benefits of my recent vacation was having time to catch three yoga classes during the week!

Here are some ideas I’ve gathered over the years. I hope they help you get moving towards adding exercise into your life!

Seven Tips for Getting the Most from your Exercise

1. Sweat: Make sure that when you exercise, it makes you sweat! When you exercise, you gain access to endorphins, a chemical produced by your body that can make you feel fantastic. Sweating intensely or even somewhat can contribute to detoxification of your skin and body. It makes you glow!

2. Switch: Switch up your exercise during the week, month or year. Don’t expect the same benefits forever from your routine. I find that learning something new is great for my body and my mind. Plus my muscles get bored doing the same type of exercise all the time. Every time I switch it up I gain momentum and strength. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and even do some networking!

3. Schedule: Incorporate exercise like it was another important appointment in your calendar. Put it in the calendar, and reschedule instead of cancel whenever you need to adjust your schedule. Commit to keep the appointments with yourself – you are worth it! If you are exercising with a health goal in mind, you can even write yourself a “prescription” that reminds you why you make the time to move more.

4. Experts: Schedule a few sessions with a personal trainer or coach who is an expert in the exercise you are practicing. Learn the best way! It will keep you from injuring yourself and maybe even motivate you to go further.

5. Hydrate: Make sure that as you exercise you are getting the water-based hydration you need. If you aren’t hydrated, exercise and lots of sweat can make you feel worse. There’s nothing more de-motivating than that! Experiment and discover what types of fuel work best for you – and what timing works best for you too. For example, I wouldn’t want to eat for at least 3 hours before a yoga class. But with other types of exercise I generally want some healthy carbs for fuel within an hour of starting.

6. Get dressed – Here’s a crazy idea from Dawn Jackson Blatner — get all dressed and ready to exercise, then go to the gym/studio/pool and don’t exercise! Walk around a bit and see what everyone else is getting to do, but go home before you do anything. After just three days of this you may be dying to actually exercise!

7. Listen to your body – Sometimes when we start something new, we push ourselves pretty hard. If you’re starting to hurt instead of feel energized, remember to back off based on how you feel not what someone else tells you is possible. Sleep if you need to. Find that fine line between listening to your body’s needs and being lazy. Don’t cross into lazy, but don’t hurt yourself either!

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