The short answer to that question is absolutely! I can’t imagine giving 20-ish massages every week and not getting a massage for my own health and wellness. And I’m so grateful for the massage therapist friends who trade massages with me. We team up to take care of each other!

The longer answer is, how did I get started receiving massage? Well, it started during the summer when Jerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead) died. My stepson, who was following the Dead on tour that year, came home to Lancaster after Jerry died. Our home at the time was really small, and one more (young and wild!) person living in our space was a challenge.

Add that to the stresses of everyday life, and my back completely seized up. I was in pain for hours and hours each day. The simplest tasks were a challenge. For example I found grocery shopping difficult, even with the support of the shopping cart. But nothing was structurally wrong with my spine. Physical therapy didn’t help. And did I mention that I was just 32 or 33 at the time — way too young to accept this pain as normal!

Finally my primary care physician suggested that I try massage, and recommended a massage therapist she trusted. After just three 60-minute massages, my back pain was completely gone!

In the years since that summer, I have continued to receive massages. Some years I have scheduled more regular appointments than others. And during my massage therapy training program, I received about two hours of massage each week. (What a treat that was!) I have invested in some intensive (15 hours in 5 days) Myofascial Release treatment as well.

So what I’m really saying is this — massage and bodywork are a part of my life both as a therapist and a client. When clients tell me how important it is to their lives, I can 100% relate!