If you feel that little scratch in your throat, or have caught the cold that’s being passed around this winter season, here are some tips for keeping it away or kicking the symptoms quick!

Push those liquids. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to really stay hydrated. If you’re more likely to drink tea, tap water, ice water, natural juice, whatever it may be, do it. Liquids will help flush out your system and keep all of your best immunity armor in tip top shape.

Gargle salt water. Make yourself a simple glass of warm water and salt. It helps with inflammation in your throat while at the same time clears out irritants or mucous, flushing out possible bacteria and viruses.

Let the whistle blow. Keep your nose clean to reduce the impact of a cold. When you feel stuffiness coming on, make sure you try to keep your nasal passages clear. Saline nasal spray can help and good old tissue paper works well too. You can also try a neti pot. Users swear by them.

Pour on the honey. Often times there is little need for cough medicine. A few teaspoons of honey can have similar effects without all of the nasty side effects.

Take a break, if you can. If you feel sickness coming on and you have the flexibility to take a day off, the rest early on will help you fight it better. Many people wait to give themselves a break until they are in the thick of it. Being well-rested can make recovery time much quicker.

Move some. Light activity can actually boost your immune system, and taking a walk outside will give you some fresh (germ-free) air to help with circulation and overall wellness.

Keep up the healthy diet. What you put in your body when its defenses are down or weakened is what is going to be used as energy to fight the invading germs and to repair your body to feel better. Make sure you are loading up on things that are beneficial to your cause! High-quality proteins (think lean meats, beans, fish) help build new white-blood cells and brightly colored fruits and vegetables give you the important nutrients for your immune system needs!

Sleep it out! Not getting enough sleep suppresses immune function even when you aren’t sick. Make sure you log those zzz’s so you equip your immune system as best as possible.

Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc. Keep up on your vitamin intake, focusing on these three key ones to support your body’s wellness functions.

What are some of your best home remedies that you swear by? Be well!