True confession: I drink an awful lot of water every day, and I have for the last 20 years. In the process, I have discovered that drinking from reusable bottles is easier and more convenient. I hardly ever drink water from a glass.

However, when I make a smoothie I tend to use some pretty un-lovely glasses from the cabinet. They are the biggest glasses I have and just the perfect size for a hearty, healthy smoothie. But they are ugly …

Yesterday a friend and fellow health coach inspired me to hunt down my long-time favorite glasses. I didn’t have to go far … just over to the dining room cabinet. But sometimes the simple choices just add so much to our day.

Here’s my lovely afternoon break … a rare soda in my favorite Mexican glasses. They bring back wonderful memories and feel so great in my hands!

(I also love this brand of soda because they flavor with stevia instead of sugar or chemicals.)

Why not consider your next glass of water, smoothie or other healthy beverage in your favorite beautiful glass?