My buddy who joined me in 24 hours of technology free life (see Digital Sabbatical below) has coined the term “Techno-Fast.” And it’s a good way to describe my 24 hours from Saturday midnight to Sunday midnight. But how was the day? Torture or bliss?

I’d say it was some combination of both. I think the funniest part is that I was heavily using my technology right up until midnight Saturday. And that I began again at 12:02 a.m. just following Sunday midnight! So it was not easy for me to separate myself from all this. Once I got about 15 hours into the sabbatical, it did get a lot easier though. I thought a whole lot less about email and Facebook … really I promise!

One thing I did notice is just how focused I was able to be. Normally I have a touch of ADD … or what some people would call mastering multi-tasking. Frankly, I find this exhausting sometimes. During the digital sabbatical I didn’t feel like I had to check Facebook, Twitter or email. It was freeing to only think about one task at a a time!

I’d love to say that I spent the day in the woods reflecting on nature. But by now you may realize that’s not entirely my style. My day was pretty much a normal Sunday, just narrowed down to non-technology activities. I spent the majority of my day in the kitchen cooking and canning. And spent time with family – completely focused on them instead of “time-sharing” with my iPhone or iPad. And took a terrific yoga class.

Next time I’m going to the woods … I’m exhausted from 9 hours standing in the kitchen.