Favorite Fridays: Dandy Blend

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I love coffee … but it doesn’t love me back … I’ve tried decaf coffee, and I still have issues. Since coffee is naturally caffeinated, the process of decaffeination only removes about 97% of the caffeine. In some decaf blends, I have found that even less is removed.

As a result of my experience over the last few years, I have tried a variety of other warm beverages that are 100% caffeine free. My current favorite is a product called Dandy Blend.


The flavor is so smooth and it’s so easy to use. While I don’t enjoy instant coffee, I love the instantly mixable ease of making a cup of Dandy Blend. Other than heating the water, there’s no brewing time necessary!

According to the product web site, Dandy Blend is made from the water-soluble extracts of roasted roots of dandelion, chicory and beets plus grains of barley and rye. There is a naturally occurring sweetness from the fructose in the dandelion and chicory. I sometimes add stevia to my cup of Dandy Blend, but you could just as easily skip the sweeteners.

And … there are 50 trace minerals in each cup of Dandy Blend. Minerals are something that we just don’t get enough of from our standard diets. So any opportunity to add these valuable nutrients is terrific!’

If you’ve tried to go caffeine-free and struggled, Dandy Blend might be for you. If you prefer decaf in the evenings, there’s another reason to try this product. Let me know what you think!

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Peanutty Granola Goodness

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Imagine my excitement when I opened my sample from Nuts about Granola … the peanutty goodness wafted out on a breeze of yummyness. Okay, so now you know I love peanuts and all things peanutty. In fact I love a lot of different nuts … but am I really Nuts about Granola? YES!

The peanut taste permeates the granola without overpowering. The oats have just the right crunch. The sweetness is … as Goldilocks says … juuuust right. And there’s a little salty taste in the background which is a perfect balance. Mmmmmm ….

I advocate several things in my holistic health coaching – one of them is whole foods. And I love that I can pronounce and easily identify each ingredient in Nuts about Granola‘s Plain Jane flavor. It includes things like whole oats, peanuts, organic wheat bran, cinnamon … etc. You’ve heard the idea before but here’s an example of a food whose ingredients my great-grandmother would recognize easily. That’s a very good thing!

Another thing I advocate is a 90/10 approach to our food choices. That means 90% of the time I make choices that I feel are the healthiest option – whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc.), organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, etc. And much as I’d love to include Nuts about Granola in the 90% category, I think I’d put them in the 10% category. Why? Because granolas with peanuts and peanut butter naturally have a pretty high fat content. And a fair amount of added sugars in proportion to the amount of fiber and micronutrients.

So what is this 10% category? It’s the 10% of the time we all splurge a little. Splurging means maybe a few more calories and few less nutrients than we’d typically choose. The 10% choice is something that I would consider a treat rather than a staple. It’s the item I crave, but don’t let take over my meal choices. It’s an important part of our food choices because no one can be “perfect” every moment of every day.

For me, the other fantastic thing about this granola is that it’s a locally owned and produced product. I’m a small business, they are a small family-owned business. I’m a woman-owned business, they are a woman-owned business. I love to support companies and products that feel like a good fit to me. I love that buying Nuts about Granola means I can also support other local businesses.

And did I say this before? I think this stuff is delicious!

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