A Major WOW!

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Here’s another fantastic testimonial from a 2012 client … I hope you find it inspiring as you make your resolutions and 2013 wellness goals!

“After receiving negative blood work, I consulted with Barbara to find solutions to lose weight, reduce my cholesterol intake and triglycerides. After 9 months of coaching, I lost 40 pounds to reach my goal weight of 195 lbs., reduced my cholesterol by 20 points, and halved my triglycerides — a major WOW!

It is my hope with continued coaching — and I’m sure there won’t be any issues — that the weight is off for good. My weight loss and other positive health changes were the result of Barbara suggesting healthier choices in my eating habits and not by a “quick weight loss scheme.”

For this, I’m grateful.”

– Cris G, Lancaster, PA

Ready to get started feeling less pain and more energy? The best way to determine what program is right for you is scheduling a FREE 45-minute initial health and wellness consultation. Simply call or email me today to get started!

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My New Year’s Message

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Happy New Year to all of you!

This morning, the first day of 2013, I received a wonderful message from a health coaching client. Now THIS is the way a health coach wants to start a new year!

“Happy 2013! Today I weighed 298 down 40 lbs from 2 years ago today! My blood pressure medicine was cut in half. Goal is to lose more weight, exercise more and get off my meds completely. THANK YOU for all you taught me! I am eating greens and things I never ate before. Took slow steps to get where I am but it is working. Happy Happy New Year!”

Everyone has goals and today is the day we all talk about them. No matter how slow or fast your journey towards your goals progresses, it’s a wonderful thing to move forward. What are your goals and how do you plan to make them reality in 2013?

Ready to get started feeling less pain and more energy?!?? The best way to determine what program is right for you is scheduling a FREE 45-minute initial health and wellness consultation. Simply call or email me today to get started!

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Let’s Do This!

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Amazing testimonial from my dear friend and client Mike Ridgeway!

Let’s Do This!

Four years ago I made the best decision of my life. It wasn’t about a job, it wasn’t about a relationship, and it wasn’t about Dream Ride Projects, but that decision would have a profound impact on all three areas of my life.

My body had been ravaged by injuries sustained by three consecutive accidents while bicycling. These were not “career-ending” injuries, but nagging injuries that left scar tissue to linger and cause me chronic pain and the inability to enjoy my passion for bicycling and life in general.

Barbara Searles, my massage therapist and now a dear friend and respected colleague asked me to try a new therapy she had learned called Myofascial Release.

Mike and I getting ready for a RAAM training ride in 2008

It’s now been four short years since that fateful day I said to Barb, “Let’s do this.” Four years of faith and persistence, four years of healing, both physical and emotional healing from those injuries and even some additional past injuries.

Myofascial Release has done exactly what Barb promised me it would. It has helped my body get back to “healing itself,” making itself right again, and helped given me back my passion for life and my commitment to my community. It’s actually been a short four years, really, in the big scheme of life, A Blip.

But here it is, I’m Back! I’m back doing the things that energize me and support my life’s purpose. And everyone will benefit from that, I promise! Thank You Barb Searles, for your dedication for your craft, and to your clients, like me who do place a little bit of our faith in your commitment to help us heal ourselves, when we chose to make that decision.

This year I’m back on the road to accomplish one of my life’s passionate pursuits, a third Race Across America (RAAM) finish. I’m dedicating my training for RAAM 2013 to Barb Searles, who helped pull me back from an abyss. My therapist, my colleague, and my Friend.


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” … She helped me to … focus on my food and lifestyle choices …”

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I just received a terrific testimonial from a client, and wanted to share with you all. I am so honored to help people reach their health and wellness goals!

“I recently worked with Barbara to learn more about nutrition and digestion. The biggest thing she helped with was slowing down my life so that I can take the time to focus on my food and lifestyle choices.

I spend my career helping other people, so having a health coach allowed me to put aside regular times to talk about and take care of my body.

I also really appreciated all of the resources Barbara shared with me. The information and referrals are helping now and will do so in the future too.”

– Kara B., Lancaster

If you’d like to read other testimonials from my clients, please visit the Testimonial category. And if you think this type of health coaching would help you, I offer a complimentary initial consultation. Let’s talk!

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Changing Your Relationship to Food

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This week I was working with a health coaching client, and we talked about what the coaching work can do. It can improve your life in many ways … and bottom line … it helps you change your relationship with food.

Here’s a recent testimonial from a health coaching client:

“Barbara’s coaching sessions helped me change how I think about food and eating.  She helped me focus on mindful eating and the benefits/pitfalls of the choices I was making.  Not only did I make changes to what I was eating, but she helped me make subtle changes to what my family was eating.  I ate more healthfully, felt better and I even lost 10 pounds in the process!  Thanks Barbara!”

– Patty L.

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How will Holistic Health Coaching help you?

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I just received a lovely thank you note / testimonial from a client. With her permission, I’m sharing it here so that you all can have an idea of how people benefit from the integrative wellness approach.

“Thank you Barb!

Barb has studied, practiced, and delivered an integrated nutrition program that is exceptional and imperative for optimum health and wellness. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have experienced tremendous weight loss, but more importantly, vitality, self-awareness and positive energy. This process has allowed me to regain physical athletic endeavors and regain balance in life.

Barb has a terrific personal gift for massage and integrated nutrition. Her massage techniques are vast and tailored to meet individual needs. I personally have benefitted from myofascial release and other integrated massage techniques to release muscle tension, fibromyalgia pain, stiffness, and stress. Barb’s knowledge, intuition, and personality have made massage not only medically beneficial, but physically and socially enjoyable as well as very relaxing.

Thank you Barb for helping in this fantastic journey!


Deb F.”

I am so lucky to have been a part of this journey as well … many thanks to Deb and all of my fantastic clients.

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