“Massage has its greatest effect over time, most doctors and therapists say the more often you get a massage, the better you feel” – New York Times

John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach: By treating the whole body, Myofascial Release relieves fascial restrictions, promotes healing, decreases pain, and improves posture. It also increases mobility, flexibility, and mind/body awareness. 60 min. $75, 90 min. $95

Swedish/Relaxation: Various techniques that calm the mind and body while rejuvenating the spirit. 60 min. $70, 90 min. $90

Integrative Therapeutic Massage: Combines a variety of techniques as needed to create optimum results. 60 min. $75, 90 min. $95

Post-Surgical Massage: Techniques to help your body recover from surgery, and to improve scar tissue formation. More info here. 30 min. $45, 60 min. $75, 90 min. $95

Hot Stone: Warm lava rocks, soothing oils, and Swedish techniques—aah! The warm stones soothe muscles and enhance relaxation. 60 min. $80, 90 min. $100

Sports: Uses a Myofascial Release Approach to balancing alignment and soft tissue, which can improve your results! 60 min. $75, 90 min. $95

Pregnancy: Designed to gently soothe and relax the unique muscle and joint concerns during pregnancy. 60 min. $75, 90 min. $95

Reiki: Reiki activates, directs, and applies the natural energy of the body promoting health, healing, balance, and wholeness for the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki relieves stress, aids in relaxation, and restores energy. 60 min. $70, 90 min. $90

Reflexology: Therapeutic foot massage that helps rejuvenate mental, emotional and physical well being. Reflexology improves health by stimulating the circulatory and nervous systems. All reflex points in the feet connect, via nerves and meridians to particular organs and body areas, promoting healing, releasing tension and increasing stress resilience. 30 min. $35, 45 min. $50.

Prepaid Packages: Discounts are available on prepaid packages of 5 or 7 sessions. Please inquire for details.