After the “Techno-Fast”

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My buddy who joined me in 24 hours of technology free life (see Digital Sabbatical below) has coined the term “Techno-Fast.” And it’s a good way to describe my 24 hours from Saturday midnight to Sunday midnight. But how was the day? Torture or bliss?

I’d say it was some combination of both. I think the funniest part is that I was heavily using my technology right up until midnight Saturday. And that I began again at 12:02 a.m. just following Sunday midnight! So it was not easy for me to separate myself from all this. Once I got about 15 hours into the sabbatical, it did get a lot easier though. I thought a whole lot less about email and Facebook … really I promise!

One thing I did notice is just how focused I was able to be. Normally I have a touch of ADD … or what some people would call mastering multi-tasking. Frankly, I find this exhausting sometimes. During the digital sabbatical I didn’t feel like I had to check Facebook, Twitter or email. It was freeing to only think about one task at a a time!

I’d love to say that I spent the day in the woods reflecting on nature. But by now you may realize that’s not entirely my style. My day was pretty much a normal Sunday, just narrowed down to non-technology activities. I spent the majority of my day in the kitchen cooking and canning. And spent time with family – completely focused on them instead of “time-sharing” with my iPhone or iPad. And took a terrific yoga class.

Next time I’m going to the woods … I’m exhausted from 9 hours standing in the kitchen.

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Digital Sabbatical

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Ever thought about taking a one-day-a-week digital sabbatical? I have – because a┬ámonth or so ago I read this great article from Elephant Journal. Now I like my technology as much as the next girl … or maybe more. But sometimes it’s a lot of responsibility, and can be distracting from real people and tasks to complete. Or it can keep me from fulling enjoying the FUN things in life!

So starting tonight at midnight, I am taking my own 24-hour digital sabbatical. Or as my friend Heather (who is going to join me) calls it … a Techno-Fast!

Care to come along with us on this journey?

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